Behind the Scenes Cold Emailing Techniques for Generating Qualified Leads


This cold emailing system has been tested with over 10,000 emails and 1,000+ meetings with companies including Best Buy, P&G, Western Union, Home Depot, McDonald’s and more!

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Bryan Headshot“There has to be a better way,” I thought when I was a sales rep spending every day for an entire year doing nothing but cold calling…

Most of my time was spent interrupting executives, trying to get past gate keepers and leaving voicemails that never got returned.

I always worked for startups that had no leads. I was tasked with selling $100-$300K deals with Fortune 500 companies and I found that email always worked the best. Even so, it still took me SEVEN more years and about 800 meetings to figure out my system for generating qualified leads. Add to that another 600 books about customer psychology before I finally “got” it.  But the fact that I figured it out means that you don’t have to. Everything I discovered is now available in my six cold emailing secrets:

Just tell me your name and email below, and… not only will you receive the email template responsible for helping me close over $15 million in deals with companies like Best Buy, Proctor & Gamble, McDonald’s and Western Union, you’ll also receive some of my best strategies for generating new business.


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The Cold Email Template is only the beginning of the complete system to generate qualified leads, stop wasting time with tire kickers, and find customers who want to work with you! Over the coming days and weeks, I’ll be sending you more information about what else you need to generate new business.

For now, download the Template and try it out for yourself.

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And If You Use My Same Secrets… There Is No Reason You Can’t Get My Same 80% Response!

Put them to the test and decide for yourself. Given the results I’ve gotten and the results my clients get, you have everything to gain.

Through Bryan Kreuzberger’s Breakthrough Email program I not only learned the theory and psychology of cold emailing but was able to prove that the theory works by connecting with hundreds of accounts, 14 of them leading to major deals such as, Windy City Novelties, and Skymall. – Luiz Centenaro

I have closed the two largest sales of my career since I started using the method and my response rate to email has more than doubled. – Rick Lorch

My first impression was that I was excited when I heard about this training because I knew the ability to successfully get meetings with my dream clients would be a game-changer.  But given my failure with cold emailing people in the past, it seemed unlikely that this could be turned into a super-effective technique for getting a meeting.

Bryan gave me a lot of confidence in his training from the first time I heard him speak because he gave very specific instructions for what to do and how to do it, and he had clear reasons for every instruction.  I wanted someone to give me a proven system step-by-step instead of just giving abstract ideas that were difficult to apply. Also, I knew that if it helped me get just one more client, the course would be worth it.

When I got the training, I was excited to see that this course not only teaches you how to cold email to start off a sales process, but it also guides you through the entire sales process: how to conduct the meeting, how to negotiate, etc.

My biggest challenge before taking Bryan’s course was that I wasn’t taking control of the sales process. I was chasing after prospective buyers, working on their schedule, and letting them string me along with false hope.

Bryan’s system teaches from the beginning how to go after the right clients, how to find the decision-makers, and how to control the process from beginning to end. This turned sales from something I dreaded to something I enjoy and am much more successful at.

When I saw it work I felt empowered.  I know how to find new prospects, even if I have no preexisting connection to them whatsoever, connect with them, and make a sale.

From using the system I can see at least $50,000 in business I otherwise wouldn’t have gotten.

This course has so many little gems that I use every day from, how to deal with a prospect who disappears, to how to title emails to how to begin and end a meeting. Every one of these can mean the difference between success and failure.
– Alex

Why Would I Give Something So
Valuable Away For Free?

Because I’m confident that enough of you will benefit from the free template that you’ll be happy to buy the complete system.  Giving value first is how I choose to do business. It’s how I work with my clients whether they’re paying $10,000 or $100,000.

What you’re about to discover is something that actually works.

Years ago, when I was out selling, it felt like I was begging to be heard. I was trying to work my way into companies that just flat out ignored me.

But I figured out how to get in anyway. And ever since then, I’ve wanted to help people discover the secret I used to turn the tables on generating new business. With these strategies, “the little guy” doesn’t have to get ignored any longer. Trying to connect with that potential customer, year after year… that’s just plain frustrating. And I know what rejection feels like. I’ve been there.

So that’s why I give away some of these strategies. I give away strategies that can completely transform how you generate business. And I can’t wait to see what happens when you put these to use.


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